Mother and daughter

She was in a tough spot. She didn’t know who talk to. Have you been surrounded with so many people but felt so alone? That is how she felt as she walked under the August heat.

Today felt like the worst of all her other bad days. What if she couldn’t find anyone to talk to? It is crazy that one could have so many friends but cannot share with them a struggle. Maybe, she didn’t want to burden them with her problems. It won’t be fair; she comforted herself with this thought. It felt more unselfish. The truth is that we never want to show people this other side of our life. It can be hard, especially for her. She was the happy-go-lucky kind.

She felt that she would burst with emotions. She wanted to scream. I am going to scream. Did she just talk to herself? Looking around, she wondered, “Am I going crazy? Is this how it starts?”

Then the phone rings. Her mother. Picking it up, she says, “Hello,” in a tiny squeaky voice.

Hello my dear.

Ma, I just… I don’t know…

What is wrong?

I feel like I can’t do it anymore. It’s too much.

There is not a stronger feeling like talking on the phone wanting to say everything but unable to say a thing. So her mother will talk endlessly. She will say encouraging things and quote the Scriptures. Mother and daughter. The daughter half listens as she nods roughly and tears well up her eyes. It’s not so much what her mother is saying but she can now let it go. Her frustrations, her composure.

Somehow they will deviate to the local gossip. They will even chuckle and share a little laughter. Alas, she always had someone to talk to.