Lately, I’ve had all the time in my life. So much free time in my hands. Not by choice though. I have sat and watched the woodland creatures. I am not kidding you. I sat on a seat, well, not so much of a seat, a tree stump and looked at two bush squirrel run after each other on a tree. At first, I thought they were plotting on how to make a meal out of the rabbit.

Oh yea, there is the rabbit, which I call Bunny. It’s so cute, with its big beautiful eyes and its wonderfully soft grey fur. I have watched it eating a carrot. It goes nibble-nibble-nibble on it for what seems like forever. It reminds me of my little sister. She used to eat like that in her younger years. She probably eats like that still. I am pretty sure her spirit animal is a rabbit or a bush squirrel.

I have had a lot of time in my hands. Have you seen the picture of two doves looking at each other, usually a sign of peace? I have witnessed that. Well, not doves, pigeons. They are of the same family only one is ‘the fairer one’.  Ironically, they seemed to be fighting. Or dancing. This is not an excerpt of National Geographic so don’t expect facts.

I have been woken by the flaps of the pigeon’s wings. It is such a fun thing to watch. I think they are sisters playing an interesting flap-me-I-flap-you game. Or maybe it’s a lady and a dude courting. Whatever it is, it is a fun relationship.

Talking about relationships, I think our dog and the hen are in a relationship. Every evening they sit together at the verandah harmoniously like an old couple. If only the dog knew that that is a meal-in-waiting. It is the hen, Chicky that comes to the dog. Chicky, like our today’s woman is very forward.


Sometimes Ed the dog will move to the grassy field and Chicky follows. This is a lesson to the timid lady. Make the first move. Text him first. Propose. Also, that could be a bad advice.

Some evenings are so still and all you can hear is the chirp of a bird. It tweets a lonely tune for a moment, falls silent, then starts allover again. It goes on and on.

I have watched then sunset. It is glows red hot. I am yet to see the sunrise. I am not an early riser plus the fence blocks the view. There are some nights when it is so dark and the sky seem to be painted with shiny stars. Some nights I have switched off the lights but the room remained dimly lit. I couldn’t help but take a peak through the curtains to see the moon in its night glory.

If you have free time by choice or by nature’s act, make it count. Travel to the village and get a touch of its magic. If you are going through a rough time, look for the silver lining in the cloud. Mine, I found, was the woodland creatures.